he 11th edition of the Ideas Generation Program is focused on generating projects to revalue excess waste from companies and institutions, and referred to as industrial symbiosis. The purpose is to detect current needs and opportunities in industrial waste management and advance towards a green economy. 

The program will take place* during the months of September, October, November and December 2020:

29 September 2020
Laboratory of ideas

October and November 2020
Training and mentoring

23 November to 16 December
Prototyping in UAB Open Labs

17 December 2020
Demo Day

*Sessions will be in person or online depending on developments of the health situation due to the Covid-19 virus.

The challenges of the Industrial Symbiosis 

How can we optimise current management and waste treatment processes to maximise the recuperation of materials?

Recycling plastic containers.

Seek solutions to increase selection in the textile industry.

Recovery of Urban and Forestry Biomass.

Valorisation of leftover food.

Revaluation of coffee resources: Jute sacks, husks and grounds.

Recuperation of industrial wastewater.

Recuperation of sludge from water treatment plants.

Landfill mining: Recovery of materials using mining techniques.

Integration of all by-product banks to maximise and scale the symbiosis between SME's.

Open challenge for industrial symbiosis.

Present your own ideas!