– Perquè sacsegerem els teus coneixements i t’ajudarem a repensar la teva recerca.

– Network with other companies, researchers and entities of the sector.

– Perquè t’ensenyarem a detectar necessitats socials i de mercat.

– Validate your tech project with the industry experts.

– Work in multidisciplinary teams.

– Perquè descobriràs noves sortides al teu coneixement.

– Perquè aprendràs com transferir una tecnologia.

– Because you will develop a prototype.

– Perquè pots guanyar el concurs de projectes!

What our alumni say about us

Marta Gil Ibáñez

Sponsor of the 12th edition
Quadpack Foundation Manager
"As an industry we are aware of our responsibility and we want to be part of the solution. By connecting with researchers and sharing the challenges we face, we can move together towards a healthier world and have a positive impact on future generations"

Begonya Marcos Muntal

IRTA researcher
Participant and winner of the 12th edition.
"It's been intense, but it's been worth it. A very good experience."

Oscar Moriones

ICN2 researcher
Participant and winner of the 12th edition
"Although I did not imagine the time that I would have to invest in the program, after finishing it, I analyze the trajectory and I feel happy, satisfied and, above all, it has been useful for my professional career"

Jordi Solé Ferré

R&D Project Manager at UPC
Participant of the 11th edition.
"It's a very useful tool for bringing science closer to the market. It allowed us to learn how to move our research to have impact on society"

Camilla Doré

PhD student at the Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC)
Participant of the 10th edition.
"The Program opened my eyes and changed my way of thinking. I would make it mandatory for all doctoral students"

Montserrat Rovira

Researcher at the UAB Medieval History Research Group
Participant of the 5th edition.
"This program has allowed me to reflect on our research, to discover that we can reach new audiences and learn everything we need to do to get there"

Núria Gil

Directora a Catalunya d'Air Liquide Espanya
“One of our main principles as a company is innovation. We therefore learn an incredible amount by seeing new projects and new technological applications. For us the university is a source of generation of ideas”