– Project development based on your research results.

– Strengthen your ties with the entrepreneur ecosystem and the industry of the sector.

– Find innovative applications for your research.

– Perquè durant tot el procés t’acompanarà un mentor expert que t’ajudarà a acelerar la validació del teu Projecte i a trobar la millor aplicació.

– Perque coneixeràs l’ecosistema en Simbiosi Industrial: empreses, organitzacions, inversors…

– Learn how to transfer your technology.

– Exchange experiences with other researchers and companies.

– Work in multidisciplinary teams.

– Prizes

What our alumni say about us

Montserrat Rovira

Researcher at the UAB Medieval History Research Group
"This program has allowed me to reflect on our research, to discover that we can reach new audiences and learn everything we need to do to get there"

Núria Gil

Directora a Catalunya d'Air Liquide Espanya
- “One of our main principles as a company is innovation. We therefore learn an incredible amount by seeing new projects and new technological applications. For us the university is a source of generation of ideas”

Raül Blanco

Manager of industrial strategy in the Generalitat of Catalonia
“It is one of those occasions when you feel like you are taking part in a project with an impact and where you are also lucky to be able to enjoy the experience”.