The Ideas Generation Program is an initiative of UAB Research Park that promotes the entrepreneurial spirit, the culture of innovation and supports researchers and PhD students from all academic fields in their search for the best applications of their research.

L’objectiu d’aquesta iniciativa és promoure la recerca desenvolupada al Campus arribi a la societat, a través de la connexió amb tots els agents del territori.

The programme consists of theoretical and practical training to allow researchers to see ways to transfer their technology to society, through learn start up methodology, from an idea based on their research.

Each edition of the Program is focused on a specific sector, in order to promote the industry's interaction with the scientific world and to develop innovative products and solutions.


The Ideas Generation Program includes an laboratory of ideas, an entrepreneurship program, , which includes training, mentoring and prototyping, and a demoday

The starting point for this initiative is one or two creative and co-creation sessions with quadruple helix to define sector challenges. Companies, university, government offices and the general public are involved to jointly define projects that respond to the real needs of all sectors of society.

Once the challenges have been defined, we open a call the UAB campus research staff. And an entrepreneurship course begins, on es formen grups multdisciplinaris per desenvolupar solucions innovadores. A més de formació, les persones participants tenen assignat un mentor expert de mercat que els ajuda a validar la tecnología i la millor aplicació per arribar més ràpid al mercat. A més, els concursants desenvoluparan un prototyping de les solucions als UAB Open Labs, la xarxa d’espais d’innovació oberta de la Universitat.

Finally, the Program celebrates a demoday on els participants presenten els seus projectes i els prototips desenvolupats als UAB Open Labs i un jurat d’experts del sector escull les millors solucions