The Ideas Generation Program is an initiative of the UAB Research Park whose objective is to promote the entrepreneurial spirit, the culture of innovation and support the profiling of ideas presented by researchers and PhD students from all scientific areas of the UAB campus on the basis of industry proposed challenges.

The objective of the initiative is to channel the research work carried out on the Campus into society through the interconnection of all territorial agents.

The Program combines practical and theoretical training to enable researchers understand how to transfer their technology to society using the learn start up method, and based on an idea related to the research they are developing.

Each edition of the Program is focused on a specific sector, in order to promote industrial interaction with the scientific world and to develop innovative products and solutions.

Our method

The Ideas Generation Program includes a Laboratory of Ideas, an entrepreneurship program, that covers training, mentoring and prototyping, and a Demo Day

The starting point of this initiative is one or more creative and co-creation sessions with quadruple helix agents to define sector challenges. Industry, academia, government and society are involved to jointly define projects that respond to the real needs of all sectors of society.

Once the challenges have been defined, we open a call to all UAB campus research staff. The next step is to launch an entrepreneurship training course, to mentor multi-disciplinary groups in the development of innovative solutions. Apart from training, participants will be assigned an expert in the market as mentor to aid them in validating the technology and finding the best application for faster penetration of the market. Furthermore, participants will develop a prototype of the solutions in UAB Open Labs, the University's open network of innovation spaces.

Finally, the Program will hold a Demo Day where participants present their projects and the prototypes developed in UAB Open Labs before a panel of experts who will then select the best solutions.