The 10th edition of the Ideas Generation Program is special since it is part of a broader initiative to solve smart food challenges.

In the framework of HIGHER, UAB Research Park organizes a program to address the challenges of smart food, involving the society, the research community, industry and administration, following the innovation model of the quadruple helix.

The initiative will include a laboratory of ideas, un an entrepreneurship program and a final stage of prototype and validation of the solutions at the UAB Open Labs, the network of open innovation spaces of the University.

The challenges of Smart Food

Smart food is understood as food based on healthy foods through personal awareness. They are foods that increasetheir quality through the application of new technologies.Innovations can be implemented in the production, processing, packaging or consumption of the whole food industry.

In this context, scientific community has defined four challenges in this field:

Reduction of food waste

Reduction of plastics in the different stages of the agri-food chain

Decrease the use of antibiotics in livestock production

Personalized nutrition