The second phase will be the Ideas Generation Program , an initiative that aims to support research staff to know how to transfer their technology to society, based on the research they are developing and the challenges defined in the laboratory. The main objective is to promote synergies between agents in the sector and to promote projects.

The Program, which consists of theoretical and practice training, is open to researchers from all areas because it seeks to generate smart food projects from a multidisciplinary perspective


Del 16 d'octubre de 2019 al 19 de desembre de 2019


Wednesday and Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.


Eureka building of UAB Research Park

Our method

The first part of the Program consists of different creative and co-creation sessions to generate ideas based on the defined challenges. In this phase there will be agents of the 4 helices (company, university, administration and citizenship). The objective of this first phase is to jointly define projects that respond to real needs of all sectors of society.

Once the idea is defined, the participants go to the training phase, in which sector professionals help them to validate it. At the same time, all the teams have an assigned mentor that follow the project.

Finally, the Program will hold a competition where the best projects are chosen, which will go to the last stage, the validation and prototyping.